It is a miracle
that curiosity
survives formal education.

- Albert Einstein

I've never let
my school
interfere with
my education.

- Mark Twain

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A Matter of Degrees

You may be surprised to know that most Doctors of Philosophy (people with Ph.D. after their names) aren't as knowledgeable as you might think. In the renaissance scholars were expected to be masters of a broad swath of human knowledge. Today’s Ph.D.s understand a very specialized sliver of the world’s knowledge. And in concentrating so many years (often 7-10) on that narrow slice means their knowledge of the rest of the world often suffers as a result. Consequently, many Ph.D.s are smart about very little while non-degreed seekers are often much better able to see the interconnections in the world around us: the big picture. This is why the caricature of the astute but clueless professor in an ivory tower has become much loved and joked about in many cultures.

Our society affords Ph.D.s special consideration, even allowing them to change their titles from Mr. or Ms. to “Dr.” Particularly silly Ph.D.s even refer to themselves, and require that others refer to them, as “Doctor,” despite the fact that most people assume this means they are physicians.

The Temple of Earth maintains that a great deal of non-degreed individuals have just as much knowledge and wisdom (often even more, though generally not as specialized) as most official Doctors of Philosophy, and would like them to be similarly honored. If you feel that you deserve such an honor, we would like to confer it upon you.

Degrees are offered through our sister organization:
Templar University. Unlike other similar institutions, all degrees offered by T.U. are completely free. Degrees are offered in many non-specialized fields. (Of course we don’t issue medical or law degrees!)

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