Here are photos of few of our ordained ministers from all over the world. Would you like to see your face here? Just send in a picture of yourself wearing something with the TOE insignia on it (you can get that here), or at least holding your newly-printed ordination certificate. Include your name and where you're from. Please be aware that we can't possibly put everyone up so particularly pleasing or interesting pictures will be given priority. Humor is welcome, but we'd like to portray a positive image so bear that in mind as well. Welcome to the world of TOE!

Carmen Rademaker, Netherlands

Rainer Lange, Germany

Antoine Garth, California, U.S.

David De La Cruz, Wash. U.S.

Lauren Brown, Texas, U.S.

Peter Braunwarth, Barvaria

Karen Cassidy, Ireland

Dennis Gillman, California, U.S.

Michelle Bryden, Australia

Elissa Francemone, U.S.

Juice Pons, France

Frank Hesse, Netherlands

Jason Dynamite, Colorado, U.S.

Joe Keene, California, U.S.

Chris Brigden, England

Holly Melanson, Canada

Pim Pornthip, Thailand

The Dean, New Zealand

Shoichi Yanagisawa, Japan

Cath Yanagisawa + Baby, UK

Luca Yanagisawa, UK

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