Ministers’ Materials
Here you can download templates for business cards, stationery, ID Cards, Parking Passes and Press Passes. All the things you need to make the most of your ministry. Want a cerficate instead? Click here.

All products are free and fully customizable. You'll need either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and modify them, and a color printer to print them. Just replace the dummy text with your own!
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Business Cards

Show your professionalism by handing out business cards that everyone will remember you by.

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acrobat pdf


Simple stationery to send off your missives far and wide! 2 sizes.

word-USA lettersize
pdf - USA-lettersize
word-A4 size
pdf - A4 size

ID Cards

Show the world who you are with our authentic ID Cards. Print out and laminate.

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Press Pass

Choose to represent either the Temple of Earth or the TOE TREE Journal. Print out and laminate.

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Parking Pass

Many places will give you special consideration if you are in fact on official Temple business. Print out on heavy card stock or laminate. 2 versions.

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