"It's spring fever.... You don't quite know what it is you DO want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!"

Mark Twain
The Temple of Earth Festival of Rebirth (Rebirthday)

The Spring equinox has always been celebrated with great joy. It’s the time when the world is clearly born again. As a result, in most religions this seasonal holiday incorporates a great deal of fertility symbolism and ritual. Jesus was said to be resurrected on Easter, which got its name from Aoestre, the European fertility goddess. Our modern custom of a rabbit who lays eggs comes from rituals associated with her worship. Eggs themselves are obvious symbols of fertility. In fact, many Gods and Goddesses are said to be born on the winter solstice because the Spring equinox occurs exactly nine months prior. As a result, the Spring equinox has always had a certain frisky element to it!

Spring is a happy time for everyone as it’s usually the appearance of the first temperate weather. Spring break has been a favorite holiday for college students because of this, and it is among them during this time that we certainly see signs of “fertility in action!” People abandon their heavy winter overcoats, head to the beach or the swimming pool, and enjoy the hedonistic pleasures of sun, water, flowers and the great outdoors.

The Temple of Earth Festival of Rebirth is a time to reflect on the aesthetic beauty of nature. In this festivals, flowers replace candles and friends and family can exchange beautiful naturally occurring items like fruits, handmade jewelry, plants and flowers.

Meals made with vegetables and fruits are especially to be considered on Rebirthday. Light and refreshing concoctions should take precedence over the heavy, bready meals of the Winter Solstice. A particular favorite: Cold Spanish soups like Gazpacho, Salmorejo (like gazpacho but with ham and egg) recipe1 recipe2 ), Ajo blanco (a cold almond and garlic soup)
and cold cream of melon soup.
Egg based dishes like French quiche and Italian frittatas might also be included. Fruit shakes made with fresh fruit and crushed ice (optional condensed milk) are a favorite as well. Make sure to decorate the table with lots of fresh flowers. (Afterwards make sure to dry them and save them for the Festival of Time, which occurs at the Fall equinox.) If you can manage to have your feast outdoors, by all means do so.

One wishes their friends a happy holiday by cheering “Happy Rebirthday to You!” and even singing the birthday song if they feel like it. Though you may become tired of the song by day’s end, it helps us to celebrate the rebirth of the whole world and is particularly fun because we’re all singing it to each other.

As a nod to the fertility and friendliness of the holiday, make sure to kiss everyone at least once on each cheek. (Any men who are uncomfortable doing this to other men can simply give each other a heartfelt hug.)

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